It all started with my mom Maria. She always loved food. And so when I decided to become a vegetarian at a young age, she made it her mission to make sure I still got enough vitamins, minerals and proteins.

I loved everything she made, but I had one absolute favourite: her nut butters!

Everyone thinks they know the best nut butters, but hers were always a little different – after the first bite, you couldn’t go back to regular brands, ever!

Soon the entire neighbourhood were calling round to taste my mom’s nut butters. It was the flavours, the quality and their feel. Eventually I realised I couldn’t keep her recipes to myself. We needed to share them with the world!

That’s when we started The Nutters. I took my mom’s recipes and perfected them to make sure they were as tasty and nutritious as ever. So here they are…

We really hope you enjoy every bite. And share them with your own friends and family! 



(the proud daughter of Maria, A.K.A. the nut butter queen)